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zope-groupuserfolder-3.1.1::tests::testLDAPGroupFolder::TestLDAPUserFolderGroups Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for zope-groupuserfolder-3.1.1::tests::testLDAPGroupFolder::TestLDAPUserFolderGroups:

zope-groupuserfolder-3.1.1::tests::testLDAPUserFolder::TestLDAPUserFolderAPI zope-groupuserfolder-3.1.1::tests::testLDAPUserFolder::TestLDAPUserFolderBasics zope-groupuserfolder-3.1.1::tests::testInterface::TestInterface

List of all members.

Detailed Description

class TestLDAPUserFolderGroups(GRUFTestCase.GRUFTestCase):

Now we create groups into LDAP. Groups won't be locally stored anymore.
Remember that according to LDAPUF, a LDAP group = a zope role.
However, for GRUF, a zope group = a zope role.
So, by transitivity, we must be able at some point to say that a zope group = a LDAP group ;)

The only caveat with this system is that we have to declare the zope roles we'll use in LDAP.
That's why we create a few additional groups in gruf_sources_setup().

Definition at line 85 of file testLDAPGroupFolder.py.

Public Member Functions

def delete_created_users
def gruf_setup
def gruf_setup
def gruf_sources_setup
def security_context_setup
def security_context_setup
def security_context_setup_groups
def security_context_setup_users
def security_context_setup_users
def test01_LDAPUp
def test01Interfaces
def test02_groupHasRole
def test02TestCaseCompletude
def test03ClassSecurityInfo
def test10GRUFMethods
def test_acquireLocalRoles
def test_addMember
def test_getAllLocalRoles
def test_getGroup
def test_getGroupById
def test_getGroupByName
def test_getGroupIds
def test_getGroupIds
def test_getGroupMemberIds
def test_getGroupNames
def test_getGroupNames
def test_getGroups
def test_getGroups
def test_getMemberIds
def test_getPureUser
def test_getPureUserIds
def test_getPureUserNames
def test_getPureUsers
def test_getRealId
def test_getRolesOfUser
def test_getUser
def test_getUserById
def test_getUserByName
def test_getUserIds
def test_getUserMemberIds
def test_getUserNames
def test_getUsers
def test_getUsersOfRole
def test_hasMember
def test_isLocalRoleAcquired
def test_removeMember
def test_searchGroupsByAttribute
def test_searchGroupsById
def test_searchGroupsByName
def test_searchUsersByAttribute
def test_searchUsersById
def test_searchUsersByName
def test_setMembers
def test_setProperty
def test_setRolesOnGroups
def test_setRolesOnUsers
def test_userAddDomain
def test_userAddGroup
def test_userAddRole
def test_userFolderAddGroup
def test_userFolderAddRole
def test_userFolderAddUser
def test_userFolderDelGroups
def test_userFolderDelRoles
def test_userFolderDelUsers
def test_userFolderEditGroup
def test_userFolderEditUser
def test_userFolderGetRoles
def test_userGetDomains
def test_userRemoveDomain
def test_userRemoveGroup
def test_userRemoveRole
def test_userSetDomains
def test_userSetGroups
def test_userSetPassword
def test_userSetRoles
def testLDAPSourceMove

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Static Public Attributes

tuple klasses

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