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zope-groupuserfolder-3.1.1::tests::testGroupUserFolder::TestGroupUserFolderCopy Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for zope-groupuserfolder-3.1.1::tests::testGroupUserFolder::TestGroupUserFolderCopy:

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Detailed Description

Same tests as the previous class, but AFTER a copy/paste operation

Definition at line 448 of file testGroupUserFolder.py.

Public Member Functions

def afterSetUp
def gruf_setup
def gruf_sources_setup
def security_context_setup
def security_context_setup_users
def test00userIds
def test00userNames
def test01userRoles
def test02securityMatrix
def test03usersBelongToGroups

Public Attributes


Static Private Attributes

int _setup_done = 0

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