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def zope-groupuserfolder-3.1.1::LDAPGroupFolder::LDAPGroupFolder::getLUF (   self  ) 

Definition at line 63 of file LDAPGroupFolder.py.

00063                     :
        """ """
        s = self.getGRUF().getUserSource(self._luf)
        if getattr(s, 'meta_type', None) != "LDAPUserFolder":
            # whoops, we moved LDAPUF... let's try to find it back
            Log(LOG_WARNING, "LDAPUserFolder moved. Trying to find it back.")
            s = None
            for src in self.getGRUF().listUserSources():
                if src.meta_type == "LDAPUserFolder":
                    self._luf = src.getPhysicalPath()[-2]
                    s = src
            if not s:
                raise RuntimeError, "You must change your groups source in GRUF if you do not have a LDAPUserFolder as a users source."
        return s

    security.declareProtected(manage_users, 'getGroups')
    def getGroups(self, dn='*', attr=None, pwd=''):

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