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from Products.GroupUserFolder import groupuserfolder_globals
from Products.GroupUserFolder.GroupUserFolder import GroupUserFolder
from StringIO import StringIO
from Products.CMFCore.utils import getToolByName
from Products.CMFCore.DirectoryView import addDirectoryViews
from Acquisition import aq_base
from OFS.Folder import manage_addFolder

SKIN_NAME = "gruf"
_globals = globals()

def install_plone(self, out):

def install_subskin(self, out, skin_name=SKIN_NAME, globals=groupuserfolder_globals):
    print >>out, "  Installing subskin."
    skinstool=getToolByName(self, 'portal_skins')
    if skin_name not in skinstool.objectIds():
        print >>out, "    Adding directory view for GRUF"
        addDirectoryViews(skinstool, 'skins', globals)

    for skinName in skinstool.getSkinSelections():
        path = skinstool.getSkinPath(skinName)
        path = [i.strip() for i in  path.split(',')]
            if skin_name not in path:
                path.insert(path.index('custom') +1, skin_name)
        except ValueError:
            if skin_name not in path:

        path = ','.join(path)
        skinstool.addSkinSelection( skinName, path)
    print >>out, "  Done installing subskin."

def walk(out, obj, operation):
    if obj.isPrincipiaFolderish:
        for content in obj.objectValues():
            walk(out, content, operation)
    operation(out, obj)

def migrate_user_folder(obj, out, ):
    Move a user folder into a temporary folder, create a GroupUserFolder,
    and then move the old user folder into the Users portion of the GRUF.
    NOTE: You cant copy/paste between CMF and Zope folder.  *sigh*
    id = obj.getId()
    if id == 'acl_users':
        if obj.__class__.__name__ == "GroupUserFolder":
            # Avoid already-created GRUFs
            print >>out, "    Do NOT migrate acl_users at %s, as it is already a GroupUserFolder" % ('/'.join( obj.getPhysicalPath() ), )
            return out.getvalue()

        print >>out, "    Migrating acl_users folder at %s to a GroupUserFolder" % ('/'.join( obj.getPhysicalPath() ), )

        container = obj.aq_parent

        # Instead of using Copy/Paste we hold a reference to the acl_users
        # and use that reference instead of physically moving objects in ZODB

        del container.__allow_groups__
        if 'acl_users' in container.objectIds():

        container.acl_users.Users.manage_delObjects( 'acl_users' )
        container.acl_users.Users._setObject('acl_users', aq_base(tmp_users))
        container.__allow_groups__ = aq_base(getattr(container,'acl_users'))

    return out.getvalue()

def migrate_plone_site_to_gruf(self, out = None):
    if out is None:
        out = StringIO()
    print >>out, "  Attempting to migrate UserFolders to GroupUserFolders..."
    urltool=getToolByName(self, 'portal_url')
    plonesite = urltool.getPortalObject()
    ## We disable the 'walk' operation because if the acl_users object is deep inside
    ## the Plone site, that is a real problem. Furthermore, that may be because
    ## we're already digging an GRUF and have the risk to update a GRUF/User/acl_users
    ## object !
##    walk(out, plonesite, migrate_user_folder)
    for obj in plonesite.objectValues():
        migrate_user_folder(obj, out, )
    print >>out, "  Done Migrating UserFolders to GroupUserFolders."
    return out.getvalue()

def install(self):
    out = StringIO()
    print >>out, "Installing GroupUserFolder"
    install_subskin(self, out)
    install_plone(self, out)
    migrate_plone_site_to_gruf(self, out)
    print >>out, "Done."
    return out.getvalue()

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